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Ramaniklal Kothadia

India is mainly an agricultural based country and the last quarter of the 19th century saw the emergence of industry in India, and many industries flourished and some researched and manufactured products useful in agriculture.

I was constantly thinking of developing a product that would help the farmers and contribute in national progress, and 35years ago with the help of some likeminded people I started a small unit for manufacturing re-enforced cement pipes. The cement pipes are also termed as Concrete / RCC/ Hume Pipes.

What was a small unit at one time has matured in to a mechanized plant now with a work force of ---- skilled and semi skilled workers.
This well equipped pipe manufacturing unit is situated near Nimbut village off the road that connects Pune to Baramati.

The entire process from procurement of raw material, to the delivery of the finished product to the customers is now handled by an able team lead by my sons Ashish & Indrajit Kothadiya.

Indrajit KothadiaIndrajit Ashish Kothadia Ashish

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